Chapter One: Definitions
1.1 The buyer is a person who purchases or pays for the service as a natural or legal person.

1.2 Service: Each of the accounting, software, technical and communication services provided by the company

1.3 Users Portal: A site at where the buyer has an account and can view the list of their services, update them or upgrade them and record the buyer's details there. It is editable and updated

1.4 Support Portal: A site at which records all emails and e-mails of buyers and other users by participating there and can be tracked through the ticker number.

1.5 Tariffs: A complete list of services provided with features and limitations and costs, so that the buyer is fully informed.

1.6 Spam: Send an email to someone without the recipient requesting.

1.7 Spam Cop: spam detection website

1.8 IDC: Internet Data Center Internet Data Center

1.9 Delivery of services: providing IDs or passwords using purchased services or declaring other services based on the invoice or contract between the buyer and the company

1.10 Website Users: All individuals who view and browse the buyer's website from around the world.

1.11 RAM resources: The amount of use of the main memory of the server or servers serving the buyer's website in terms of megabytes when users of that site are using it and seeing that site.

1.12 CPU resources: The amount of server-server utilization or servers that the buyer places on the website to process requests, and implement the dynamic code of that site relative to the total power of the server's processor as a percentage when users of that site are using and viewing that site. .

1.13 Diskspace: The amount of space used to store all purchased files from the site, emails, databases as well as logs by a website.

1.14 Bandwidth: The amount of data rejection between the users of the website and the browser's display and performance of a website in mbps. Also, the amount of information is passed between the two servers if this information is to serve the users of that website.

1.15 Data Transfer: The aggregate amount of data and data exchanged between users of the website and the server or server servers to the buyer's website in terms of MB in 30 days. Server Excellence: Public Server Availability in the Internet at at least 2 different locations around the world. Depending on the various services that are hosted on a server, the following test responses should be considered positive:

1 Web server: public server ping or server response on port 80 through telnet

2 Server Mail: Generic server ping or server response on port 25 or 110 via telnet

3 Server Database: Server Response on the ms sql server and my sql port

1.16 Uptime: The ratio of the time all server services to the buyer's website on the Internet are up to the total length of the service contract by a percentage, if the website or some services are suspended for non-observance of the terms of this contract. It will not be calculated at this time.

Chapter Two: Identity
2.1. Company Identity: Please note that your company has filed an Inmate 48137661 file, registered in Mashhad with the address, which is named in the agreement.

2.2. Buyer's Identity: The buyer is a true or legal person whose profile is in the portal of users and in the user's database of the company and the services purchased are managed under his account.

2.3 For buyers with legal personality, one representative is introduced to the user portal. This representative has the full discretion of the service provided as a legal person. The task of writing a new representative in the future will be borne by the buyer and the company will not be held liable for the rights and obligations of the buyer if it is not received in writing.

2.4 In order to protect the legal rights of buyers, all buyers are required to provide their identity information, including a photocopy of the identity card, a copy of the national card for the natural persons and the request of the legal person, together with the copy of the official newspaper of the latest changes, to the company. If the company does not receive and control these documents at the time of completing the purchase process and in order to facilitate and expedite the affairs, then the right to receive these documents is always reserved for the company and the seller's property rights are deemed to be abolished without the submission of the documents at the time stipulated by the company. And the consequences of the misrepresentation of the information will be directly attributable to the buyer. The company is not responsible for verifying the authenticity of the signatures of their buyers and representatives.

2.5 The buyer acknowledges that all the identity information provided, and the addresses and contact numbers, etc., are correct and always strive to keep them in the users portal. The company has the right to receive this information from the buyer at any time when it needs to control this information. The company has the right to complete the correct and documented information regarding the suspension of the service.

2.6 The ownership of the service and all liability and related rights are the responsibility of the buyer or the buyer's representative each.

2.7. If, at the request of the customer, in order to reduce the cost or improve the quality of maintenance and renewal services, instead of the characteristics of the purchaser of the service provider's specifications, the ownership and all legal rights and responsibilities will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Chapter Three: How to communicate with each other
3.1 The company's documented communication method with the buyer, the buyer's email address, and the response to the support portal's tickers that have been registered with the user's portal.

3.2 Buyer's Documentary Communication Method with the Company, Ticket Registration in the Support Portal with Receipt

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