About Us

in the name of God

Our team of 2 people started its work in 2008.
In those years and at the beginning we only worked as a web hosting agent.
Regarding the exchange rate fluctuations, we have faced a lot of problems from the very same years, according to my co-worker, some people with us profits raised money.
Even the work came to a place where we felt sorry for the financial and financial problems and the job and steady income, and we canceled the dealings!
About a year later, I set up Foggj alone. I used a variety of methods to improve the quality of services and thus increase sales, but I failed again.
I started to hire a job and study until 2 years old in the year 92. In the same year in chat rooms and forums, I met a friend from Miandoab who offered me the launch of the chat service, and I also wrote a dedicated chat room according to the definitions I made and started with the name of "t design" We started to work.
Even in this work, the people who promised us to help with sales and accompany them under their promise and I and my friend are single and only!
Our hope was for God only. My friend, who really was in a harsh condition, apologized for me and went to live and was somewhat overwhelmed. In virtual space, he left this space for a while.
I had a great deal of interest in hosting, and I thought of it to come up with a solution. Now I was up and all these new hosted hosts worked with different names, and sometimes they worked hard.
I thought that if we continued to raise our money and did not step forward, I was now a prominent host, but it was not too late for it to start.
Come on, I've renamed you and started working more seriously.
Now that you are reading this text, I'm hosting my ninth year.
We tried to learn from the experiences of the past and serve our customers with much better, more powerful and serious quality.

Your business boom is our specialty!